Payment collections - simplified!

Trained telecallers.

Professional field executives.

Regular payment reminders.




Get started by dropping your phone number above or by sending us a message on WhatsApp. Our team will request you for the required details.


We assign trained telecallers along with a dedicated field agent to liaison with your customer on your behalf.


Your customer makes the payment by cheque/bank transfer directly to you thanks to the persistent efforts of Dhunda agents and staff. That's it!

Professional Executives

All our staff is polite and well educated with several years of experience in customer service. We will represent you responsibly.

Free of Cost Collections

Outsource your payment collections free of cost. Our team takes the burden of persistent payment follow ups off you so you can focus on growing your business.

Weekly Follow Up Reports

Every week, we share a complete report of all the payment follow ups we conduct on your behalf. This includes telephonic follow ups as well as field visits.


Dhunda merely acts as an agent to facilitate quicker collection of payments from your customers. The payment will ALWAYS be made directly to your bank account and Dhunda will NEVER receive your payments on your behalf.
Dhunda agents and staff are well trained and will NEVER resort to intimidation to collect payments on your behalf. We hold our people to the highest standard of customer service and expect them to represent you and your business with extreme responsibility. Our goal is always to collect payments by being persistent with follow ups, and to take that burden off your hands so you can focus on growing your business.
Payment collections are up to 3X faster when you use our services. That said, every collection is different and we cannot guarantee collection within a pre specified time frame. The exact amount of time that we take to collect depends on many things like the amount, the customer's willingness and ability to pay promptly, original terms on which credit was extended etc. However, we do keep you updated at every step of the process through automated reports so you have better information about when you can expect to receive your payments.
Dhunda's payment collection service is completely free of cost.